Lena is a very beautiful girl. She is the “brains” of the group. She’s cute, intelligent and very intuitive. She always carries a small bag with her that seems to contain all the objects of the world. She has feelings for Sid whom Theo is jealous of. She also has feelings for Theo though she has been hiding it very well so he doesn't suspect that she has a crush on him. In The Path of The Lonely Star Theo has to go with the green stone but Lena made an excuse that they needed a hero to lead them, Theo tells her that the leader was her, Lena with tears forming in her eyes Theo leaves with the green stone. In another episode when she and Theo are separated while Theo goes to look for guga purple when he gets back she can't help but run to him and hug him. But she still has a crush on Sid. But when Theo is in danger she can't help but to worry about him. Theo and Lena have a very complicated relationship but they always have a crush on each other.