The Gugas are small electronic bulldog-like animals programmed by Nexus to help guide the Nutri-Guardians  

help escape Alex Grand in Murdock's Dream and The New Kingdoms. Later on, in later episodes, the Gugas helped Theo, Lena, Ben, and Nina on their quest to return all of the foods to Grandland and restore NutriLand.  

Each of the Gugas, ironically, have nearly the opposite personalities to their respective Nutri-Guardians. Guga Yellow's personality as a brave, agile martial artist sometimes directly conflicts with Guardian Yellow's often cowardly personality, as seen in Freedom For the Yellow Kingdom. Guga White's disgusting habits seem drastically different from Guardian White's pomptuous princess-like personality. While Guardian Orange is a teacher, Guga Orange seems more like a class clown. Guga Red's easily scared self is very different from Guardian Red's seemingly tough personality. Guardian Brown'n fierce, energetic, and sometimes "prickly" personality provides a stark contrast from Guga Brown's lazy self. Whereas Guardian Blue constantly cracks jokes, Guga Blue is extremely grumpy all of the time. Guardian Green seemed to organize every part of his life, like when one of the notes told him to cut his toenails in On the Edge of Madness, while Guga Green is simply a loose screw.